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Introducing our “petrol head” IT expert

Posted by abbie

Ewan takes care of all the technology here at the Professional Financial Centre, making sure that everyone has the latest and greatest software available to them, with remote access from home and from their smartphones. He’s interested in many aspects of technology at home too. Read full post

Maintaining our professional standards

Posted by kirsten

We are proud to be longstanding members of the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP), which is largely considered the professional body for Financial Planners and Paraplanners. The core objective of the institute is to raise the professionalism of financial services and as a result, consumers can be sure that when they are working with a planner who is an IFP member, they are committed to maintaining the highest professional standards. Read full post


Introducing our resident artist and photographer

Posted by helen

When the Professional Financial Centre asked me to become involved in the design of their website, I stalled for a moment but then I realised it made perfect sense.  If everything they do is geared toward taking the worries, the mental clutter away, enabling you to concentrate on the really important things in life, then I am all about capturing those absolute highlights in life, those brief moments in nature when the hair stands up on the back of your neck and you feel utterly blessed to be alive. Read full post


Introducing our marketing guru

Posted by kirsten

Abbie is responsible for our marketing, client communications and promotional activity. She runs a specialist outsourced marketing company, A Business Innovation, the firm responsible for creating this website (and encouraging us to start our blog!). Read full post


SIFA Professional membership

Posted by jeremy

We are proud to be members of SIFA Professional and listed in the SIFA Directory of Professional IFAs (endorsed by the Law Society).

“Providing access to financial advice enables solicitors to fulfil the key role of trusted adviser.”        Ian Muirhead, Solicitor and Director, SIFA Limited

SIFA Professional 

SIFA was established in Read full post