Our advice process

Our approach to financial planning is based on listening. We take time to really understand you, what you're trying to achieve and what really matters. We use a structured financial planning process to create your personalised financial plan, which we will review with you at regular time intervals to ensure you feel in control and remain on track to meet your goals.

Initial meeting

In our initial meeting we will discuss your circumstances and requirements. We will help you evaluate if there is a fit between your needs and the services we provide. We explain our process, the applicable fees, and provide you with a Welcome Pack.

Information gathering

If you decide to proceed, we gather more detailed information on any existing holdings
or policies you may have. We assess your attitude to risk and explain what it means in terms of your investments. We discuss and agree the timeframes we will work within to deliver your plan.


With a clear understanding of your goals and objectives, we analyse your existing arrangements and research available solutions from across the market. Where appropriate we will prepare cash flow projections. We use our analysis as the basis of your financial plan.

Financial plan

Using the information and our analysis, we present your financial plan. We don't believe in jargon. We explain our recommendations using plain English and provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions. We will discuss and agree your plan and next steps.

Implementation and review

Once your plan is agreed, we complete the relevant paperwork and liaise with other professionals in order to implement your financial strategy. We confirm how often your plan will be reviewed and establish time frames for future meetings.